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The Blood Dystopia. May Contain Vampires !

(On hold for reasons, still a nice intro to the vampires in main novel) Edgy vampires, but with a touch of comedy. Who the hell writes a dystopia like that!!!!! It ain't supposed to be fun! It's supposed to be dark! Dystopia is Greek for bad place! #It needs an elite group that enslaves the population! Okay you have that. #But what about limited resources hoarded by a few? Also got that ... #What about living conditions it needs to be... Ok you have that covered. #What about a forced worship of a god!? And you have that too. #Death games !? You can't have ,....you got that too.... #A deadly world where even going outside is .... Checks out. That...that .... it ain't a dystopia if there is comedy ! You just ...can't ! You can't !!!! #This author is a dumbass !! He calls himself a professional shitposter already? Either way don't read it ! This novel bad ! Real bad !

Zombie ยท Fantasy