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SPACE COLONIST: in the oceanic world ARK

#Synopsis: ------------------------------------------------------ In the far future the earth is full and thanks to 3 key technologies, genetic manipulation, cryosleep and advanced space engines, humanity launch themselves to the unknown, follow our young engineer Erik as he starts on his first job at the young age of 60 years old in a world were humans live hundreds of years, he will reach an unknown place by accident and will have no choice but to explore alien structures and hunt dangerous monsters to get stronger, making alliances with the locals in more than friendly terms sometimes. ------------------------------------------------------ The protagonist is a young 60 years old "young" engineer, he's easy-going and a good guy, he's been trained so he will know what he's doing most of the time, in "Chapter 1 - A New Beginning" he will explain more, as a human from the future where bodies are just flesh containers, he's fairly openminded (kinda like "Altered Carbon" from Netflix, but different, you can go one day to a genetic center, pay, and get inside a liquid tank and then, the next time you open your eyes your body has already changed, then you get your ticket and go home just like that, but combat modifications would be regulated). ------------------------------------------------------ Hi, NirvanaPenguin here, suggestions on the story are welcome, this is a book I'm gonna write for fun and to get better at writing in preparation for a story I will start next year. ------------------------------------------------------ Discord: https://discord.gg/WPM7a4Dp4J Wanna send me a tip? https://www.paypal.me/NirvanaPenguinBooks QR: https://i.ibb.co/0mt2RpJ/Nirvana-Penguin-Books-QR-TIPS.jpg ------------------------------------------------------ A quick heads-up about the tags: tags: lewd, alien, mystery, technology, AI, DesignedIntelligence, Waterworld, ARK, cooking, hunting, gathering, KingdomBuilding, alliances, leviathan, genetics, FromWeakToStrong, AlienReproduction, Futanari, HappySex, genetics, teaching, mechanics, FuturisticTechnologies, weakToStrong, cautiousProtagonist. ------------------------------------------------------ Dialog Settings: '...' --> mental dialog "..." --> out loud dialog [...] --> voice inside his head but it will be clear during the book, the story might be slow for some, but i didn't wanna do a "10 years later" kinda crap and then strong to go explore, but he will slowly get there. Book cover was drawn by myself(not the background though), I will try to make or pay someone to make a cooler one in the future though. ------- Spoiler?: Inspiration for the octopeople. - Asari from Master Effect. - sea horses.

IMissSpiritStones · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Regarding that time I was Reincarnated as a Deep Sea Angler Fish...

The world as we knew it has sunken beneath a large body of ocean water, as sea creatures and aquatic monsters from the other side then comes on over through the portals, located around the world. Earth has become entirely submerged in water, thereby making it the perfect habitat for oceanic life and sea creatures to prosper. How will our main protagonist Arthur survive by being reincarnated as a deep sea Angler Fish. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes/Additional Information: This story will be a part of the《Sea Devil Incarnate》series that I am currently writing. Released Schedule: Undecided Chapter Length: 2500 - 3000

TheMoonRabbitBlade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings