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A man with two souls inhabiting one body found himself tangled in the supernatural world involving dark rituals, human sacrifices, and unbelievable creatures. Graham and Valentine Hymes, in their journey of finding the true nature of their origin, were sucked into an even bigger plot that they had never imagined before.

Grymes · Fantasy

Throne of Steam

In this world of steam, the gods once needed people to exist, the continual belief of the masses was necessary for their very existence, the world used to be an utopia! Not anymore! In an age were machinery is slowly thriving, the gods found another way to continue living! But only one will be able to sit on the throne of steam, what will be the fate of mortals? Can a mortal also vie for the Throne? Waking up amidst a fire, Garett discovered a side of the world that was hidden from ordinary people! Things like superpowers could be granted by different entities, and mysticism is only the tip of the iceberg! Follow Garett as he finds himself in situations that no mortal man should, the different churches are mainly his foes - while he explores his newfound powers to develop in this steamy world! This will become the rising or the downfall of a new star?

FakeMagician · Magical Realism

The Seeker

On the colonised world of Cymhurron, a deranged, self-absorbed artist makes his wayward journey to a foregone city to make a blood-sacrifice to a long-dead god.

ploovonik · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings