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There Possession

My name is Ansley Llanero. I am 16 year old. and this is my story of "them". The ones who stole me from my life and introduced me to a whole new world I didn't even know existed. Will I forgive "them"...or will I make "them" suffer. ******************************** I never knew by going to deep into the forest could cost me my fate. I never knew I could love more than one person, but hate them all at the same time. So when I heard the slight sound of a growl and bones cracking, I quickly turned around. What I saw next made me immediately faint. But, not before hearing the faint sound of the word I never expected..."MINE"... "only it was the faint sound of one word.....by three beast....who weren't fully human."

Open_Eyes16 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Academy of Excellence in Academics

3 Girls are sent of to boarding school, each one to improve. Will they learn, or will they break the rules, or would they find amazing friendship and drama?

Jawn_Little · Teen
Not enough ratings