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Not Your Average Human

This story follows the life of Kellian Heart a 16-year-old seemingly a human girl with blue hair and silver eyes that somehow was conceived by Werewolf parents. She was forced to stay home and never attend school because her mother Kaila who sees her a disgrace doesn't want anyone to think she gave birth to a human. Her mother was NOT a nice person and did horrible things to Kellian. Out of the blue Kaila decides to send Kellian to school for the first time but of course, it's a school for werewolves. Will this human survive in the world's most popular school for Werewolves? Will she find out who she really is and overcome the challenges thrown at her? Cover by: Sayori-Kanako https://www.deviantart.com/sayori-kanako (Updates on Saturdays!)

QueenKgirl ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings