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Vanishing the Villain

A villain only exists in a story, and history is the narrative passed down by the mouth of man. But how would history be written if the villain has vanished? Watch as Ernaline raises a bunch of kid to defy the fates pressed upon them. If there are no villains in history, would there still be a story to tell? Ernaline is the system character in this story, and shes goes around reforming the villains. But to be honest, Ernaline does not have any gender or sex, the protagonist is just assumed to be a female for now. Author's Note: Hi guys, this book has been on hold for a long period of time as I concentrated on my other novel, Transmigration in the Moon Princess Saga. This novel will be a side novel, with random updates as and when I become available, and it is intended to be more chill and relax. Feel free to come on for a ride.

Mushroom_n_TeaLeaf ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings