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Ayakashi of the sorcerer kingdom (Gate)

A Gate opened up in the sorcerers kingdom and foreign soldiers invaded killing and kidnaping citizens of the kingdom, Now it's time for the sorcerers kingdom to show it's might once more, it doesn't matter if it's this world or another the sorcerer kingdom shall provail! {This is based on another fanfic so I don't claim anything but if you want to read the original fanfic just go on fanfiction.net and search ether the owner which is Oblivion2991 or the title which is "Gate: thus the sorcerer kingdom fought there" This is made for fun but also because I like Oblivions work, criticism is ok because it will help me grow, but please know that hate commits will be ignored and won't affect me or my writing}

Aerofell_ayakashi ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings