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You Versus The Universe

You Versus The Universe

Here you are, the reader, delving into the deep lore of this world. The secrets behind the hiding faces just out of reach. The voices that call you, nearly present. It is time to go on an adventure. It is time to accomplish your mission; to defeat all evil and preserve all good. Adventure awaits. Will you jump into this adventure? "..I was never like the rest of them." (Minecraft Universe) {originated just to teach the 3 major points of view by example; but grew into so much more} [contains bloody blood] (Finished: May 31st, 2020) It is strange that on this site I have to specifically say whether this book has a male or female lead, since in this story, they could technically be either. *shrugs*

CandyThePuppy ยท Martial Arts
Not enough ratings