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Nuclear Wonderland

It has been 1,000 years since the world was burned in nuclear hellfire by the two world powers the New World Republic and the Old World Union. Parts of the world have finally started going back to safe levels and becoming habitable, but life hasn’t gotten easy with bands of murderous raiders roaming the waste of this world and small settlement being built around. For the people who’ve grown up here it a common part of life, but for Martin Wright it was something far new growing up in a shelter designed to protect the citizens of the N.W.R. so that they could rebuild the their nation when it was all over however things didn’t go right and now Martin is the last of his shelter and now roams the waste looking for equipment to help him survive he keeps to himself and doesn’t like people sticking around for to long, but that all changed when he saves a woman from a band of raiders. This mysterious woman is now the last thing he needs. Say good bye to what you know about Nuclear wastelands and say hello to one that truly is not going to play around.

Soundwavegamer · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings


A big explosion. Stuck. In. Time, Nuclear Winter

YeetAtTheBluWolf · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings