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Envy of the Outcast

Ruth is a cunning, spiteful thief who plans on bleeding the world dry for every cursed thing it wrecked upon her life. However, her rationality begins to falter as deep, neglected feelings begin to stir, as she is brutally faced with the soul she's tried to strangle in arrogance and cynicism. The best thief in Eimhàar is cornered for the first time in her life. Worse, by her own self. Worst of all, inside her own mind. And this time, there is nowhere to run. Author: Hi! This is my first serious story. I take my writing quite seriously, and all forms of advice or criticism are very welcome. #NoBetaReadersWeDieLikeMen

Badger_nerd · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Beyond Online

The image above isn't mine. This is the story of Ethan who's had enough of life beating the shit out of him and now will fight his way to happiness. Wether it be the real word or the virtual world of Beyond Online nothing will get in his path.

LesserCodex · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

it started with a marriage

Recently fired for destroying a big project, Kim Cho-hee made difficult decision to marry Ahn Sung-ho, a third-generation CEO who was in a hunt for a bride. Her task is simple: she must help Sung-ho securing investment from an ultra-family-woman business mogul by making him look like the perfect husband and family-provider. All while keeping herself from truly falling in love with him. No crazy bitches. No revenge. No violence. Just a light-hearted rom-com.

tramtamtam · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings