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Trough Maipad!

A love thousands of miles away ... A love under the same sky ... A love in different places ... A spiritual love ... A love from a distance ... A love through Maipad! Come and discover the story of these two persons, of this great love between, Elizabeth and Tyler. Is it possible to fall in love with someone without meeting them in person? Do you believe? What will happen? Because something always has to happen Could that love be true? Because it shouldn't be Can they fight for their love? Why not, who prevents them from doing so The only thing that prevents people from being happy is death… And, is this the case? How could we know, nobody knows what awaits you in the future… What about you, Do you believe in love from a distance? It all started that night after New Year's eve... Is this the end of all endings?

quiqueg89 · Teen
Not enough ratings