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I Transmigrated as a Villainous Beta Prince... [BL]

He died. Woke up in a different world, in a different body, and realized that he has transmigrated into an R18+ novel. "Why can't I just stay dead instead?" He has been reborn as a Villainous Beta Prince who will be executed by attempting to murder the Crown Prince. However, he knew that the so-called villainous prince wasn't the real villain in the novel. After all, the Beta Prince was only misunderstood by the societies, kingdom, and people. Unfortunately, the Beta Prince has enemies that are out to get him to kill... "...again, why can't I just stay dead?" Not only that... why is an R18+ novel suddenly changed into a game? ------------ [WARNING]: BL, Boy Love, Yaoi. Don't read it if you don't like it! Mature Content! MC [Beta] x 4 ML(s)/Harem [1 Alpha, 3 Omegas] Also, there will be grammar mistakes as my English isn't perfect. Just to inform you, readers, before you start reading. I have acknowledged the problems (when I didn't know or realize it), but that doesn't stop me from writing as I wish to continue. :)

JAsh ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings