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The Villain's Guide To Saving The World

Being a villain is all good and fun until you come home one day and your wife and daughter is taken by the Hero Committe in order to "protect them." All Viktor Rovanoff wanted was to be worthy of his title as The Greatest Rovanoff and be the best husband and father ever. And it was going fine! Then the heroes kidnapped his family and left him to deal with the utter mayhem that was caused as a consequence. He may be the greatest villain to have ever lived, but did the heroes really think he would be in such a position without his cunning wife and genius daughter? He is a villain, goddammit! And now because of the heroes foolishness, he is supposed to save the world from the chaos that is inevitable when his wife and daughter are left unsupervised. Way to go, protectors of Earth. You just signed a death warrant for yourselves and dragged us all into it!

CosmicZephyr ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings