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Conversations with Mr Moon

***Not what you think it's about*** She stared at the pale moon, and she talked to him every night. Yet Mr Moon never talked back, however she would never stop talking to him. Her neighbours thought she was crazy, her family no longer supported her, she had no one but Mr Moon. Mr Moon used to talk to her too, but now he was gone, so she stared at the sky every night. Finally, her dying grandfather requested that she get married to the business tycoon with the same last name as her name, Yue Chen. He looked just like her Mr Moon. "Mr Moon, will you talk to me again?" She asked. "Again? I've never met you before!" Yue Chen responded, shocked. A few months later... "Mrs Moon, will you talk to me again?" He asked. "Again? Who even are you?" She teased as she pulled his tie. "Your husband!" He smirked and kissed her. However, this story isn't a soppy love story, though, that would've been nice. Yue Chen was in fact her Mr Moon (spoiler alert) however not *her* Mr Moon, he was another man who had been reincarnated into Yue Chen's body. He has a job, a job to save the world. 300 years in the future, everyone learned about the blank spot in History, the spot where Yue Chen saved the world. All he knew was that the lady who was talking to Mr Moon was the missing piece to that puzzle, he had to figure out her purpose before it was too late, and the world ended. .

Coco_Vira · Fantasy
Not enough ratings