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Elysiums Contracts

The world of Resha, where teenagers when they reach the age of 16 can make a contract with deities. Even though only 1% of those 4 million succeed to make an contract, our protagonists had enough luck to do it! But the question is was it luck or fate ? Read and follow our protagonists on their way to learn and find more about magic and the contracts! ----- I am sorry guys, but I am bad as hell in writing this sypnoisis therefore I can only recommend reading the first chapter and continuing if you like it. Thanks to every reader! Cover by: https://www.deviantart.com/michaeljaecks/art/Contract-Devil-for-Legendary-Games-Pathfinder-444017174 If you are the owner please text me via discord: PaiiNzVXZ#3150

Kenny_Kens ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings