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Keeping Traditions Trilogy

The Northern Heavens is a community like no other, and no one but those within know it exists. Lead by the Eaton family, the community is backwards and, seemingly, ignorant to modern times. They hold to traditions set in place generations ago and will not tolerate deviation from those traditions. Northern Heavens Traditions - No born daughters (Eaton family) - Every son, at age twenty-one, receives their wife - One wife per son, no exceptions - Kill or keep all trespassers - Participation in rituals is mandatory - Women who ask questions are punished - Those who run are punished - Disrespect will not be tolerated - Everyone kills - Everyone eats the meat, no exceptions Follow the stories of four newcomers to the community. Will they submit to the traditions and expectations? Or will they get free and return to the outside world they came from? Can they find peace and happiness in the Northern Heavens? Or will it be their final resting place like so many others? Part One: Oblivion (Megan & Jacob, Jessica & Cameron) Part Two: Nightshift (Violet & Zechariah) Part Three: Trespassers (Kylie & Malcolm)

LCHolloway ยท Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings