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Restarting Chapter, Book Finale

It is December, the last month of the year and people couldn't wait for that celebration to have new years resolution and such. But this was a dreadful day for Amethyst Evans who lost half of her self on this season five years ago. No one believed her and the people who should have made her remain silent. But she didn't allow them to exploit her any longer, so she up and go leaving everything behind. She lived alone for five years and tried to regain that other half but to no avail, until she met these two. A frail looking lady who was two years older than her and her doctor brother who was of the same age as her. Could this season be different from the last years? Will she be able to regain her lost half with the help of this sibling? Or is another tragedy waiting for her? ***** This is a short one compared to the other three. But it still has the same purpose of learning what life is and getting over the obstacles thrown at the characters by this life. Some places are taken from real places. Some were just imagined. ^_^ Disclaimer: Cover photo not mine, https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/485896247274726871/.

Llaellen · Teen
Not enough ratings

I'm a Nerd I guess

Boring book need a lot of criticism. Pls Help me

Don_Vicente · Fantasy
Not enough ratings