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A TBI or a broken family. Which is worse?

Temi_Ajare · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Be Into You, Till Life Gives Hope

Winter is a normal college student. In his normal life, he somewhat manages to get through the struggles of the university life with success. But, he does not dream of anything, and let fate write his path unto which he thought "is destined for me to become". He had few relationships on the past, in which he had given everything of himself through each of them. But recently, he decided not to fall in love again, as pain slowly built up in him, making him question his existence towards all. It was all usual, until a foreign message was sent to him, "はじめまして、立ち止まるな!"

NonsenseWitch · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

My Life it's Just Normal

Hello my name is Pauline Ryka, I am just a normal woman who dreams of being a great writer and programmer, I do not know why I want to synchronize my dream. Anyway, I don't know why you are reading this my normal life. Well, it's up to you, just join me and follow my story.

WhitiaInkin · Teen
Not enough ratings