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This novel has been rebooted, look up Apex System if you're interested in reading the new version!

KingoftheWorld · Eastern Fantasy

The Fallen Hero King

Once he was a hero with the power to dominate every sword. But now, he was in a broken world, abandoned by everyone. He vows to climb the infinite ladder, dominating everything in his path. Kingdoms, Empires, Vampires, Dark Creatures, and especially women. Join me on an R-18 journey to the top of infinity. And if you like it, support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Nonameavailable

Nonameavailable · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Short Sex Stories

A wealth of varied sexual histories. The stories are unrelated. Support me in Patreon

Sex_Master · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I Am Become Scum

Delve into the psychotic mind of Julius R. Krishna, a cruel man that finds pleasure in tormenting others physically, mentally, and emotionally. A possessive, selfish man who cares only for freedom, his self, and those he deems "his." A danger to society, and now...to everyone. Of all people, he's been granted a second chance in life in a world far from home. A chance, many will wish had never come. Bear witness to the chaos he will ensue. ========= I DO NOT OWN THE COVER ART! I am just a big fan of Sakimichan's artwork on Deviant art, and did some of my own editing to make it fit the dimensions and feel of my story. Please support them on Deviantart! ========= This story is just a work of discovery. Meaning, I have no idea where it’s going to go and how far. It may even stop after a single chapter. I’m using it to improve my writing until I feel comfortable enough to write an epic story I’ve been thinking of for the past couple years. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it while it lasts. I encourage constructive criticism; no bias please.

SkeptiK · Fantasy

Upheaval Lord

Follow Leng, a person loyal to his sensual desires through his numerous conquers, magnificent battles to Godhood.

Ju_Dai · Fantasy

Married Cultivators

*ON HIATUS* Ni and Du, a lovely married couple living in the unpredictable world of cultivators, As they traverse through all worlds, realms, mysterious lands to become the Eternal Legends of their time while facing all adversaries together. Now, who is Ni and who is Du? Where did they come from? Let us find out!! Author's Note: I will change the synopsis later. I am also a new writer so, kindly help me in my journey of becoming a proper writer. Advance sorry for any mistakes and ~ Support me on https://www.patreon.com/zijun *I don't own the cover, if you are the owner, contact me for the takedown.

Ju_Dai · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Dating Simulator

Lucas Villin suddenly wakes up not remembering anything. Follow along with him as he discovers more about himself and how he ended up in that situation. How you ask? Even he doesn’t know, but he does have a clue, it being some strange screen appearing in front of him all of a sudden. [Congratulation, user!] [Mission accomplished: Talking to a member of the opposite gender not including family members for the first time in user’s life] [Reward: Blue balls. Better luck next time] I will try to post a chapter a day If you find any typos please leave a comment to let me know.

_Name_Less_ · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Sea Ghosts

TheDayDreamerBrizz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings