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Pearl Lachay

In the very first Dream Chronicles novel, we find our hero, Leila, inside of a realistic world where colleges make the stomach turn and student life centers plan romantic vacations for their students. Leila is currently on a Valentine's Day beach house retreat that is met with drama, heartache, and hope, all before the main event comes to the island. Enter Peter, King of Quaton, who is hosting a dog show on that same island that attracts awe and danger. Enter Mary, Queen of Prudence, the widow of the true king and owner to the most unruly blood hounds. Upon finding out that Leila is a skilled dog trainer, she invites them to cater to her dogs during the days leading up to the show for a large amount of money. Everything is fine until Leila spots something amiss with this mysterious queen. Will Leila find love and hope or will the bloodhounds, and their owner, become an even bigger problem for everyone? Cover Art by Sima Says (tumblr)

OatMalkQueen · LGBT+
Not enough ratings