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Land Of Gods

Land Of Gods

Black Daemi was the Scenario lead for game Land of Gods,a game created in the necessity to top their rivals newest and latest hit game. They put their heart and soul into making this game. Around the halfway area with the scenarios, Black, who was working extremely late for the third day in a row, heard a soothing voice tell him to sleep, and so he did just that. When he opened his eyes up, he was in the body of a previously untouched character known as Damien, a child living in the woods with a care taker. Although his future looks Bleak, he still holds the hope that he can keep on pushing through, gain strength, and find out the true identity about his nature. Please note that Black is entirely uncaring about going back to the real world, as he's been hoping to get and adventure like this in such an amazing world. He has no attachments in the real world, so he feels as if even if he was given the short straw in this new life, it's all okay, as long as he can forge himself a path in this Fantasy world. Plus, unbeknownst to him, he's Aliven't in the real world.

Leafen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings