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Draconic Sovereign

Akira, a 17 year old boy is reincarnated into a new world of magic and dragons by a Demon to fight the great war against the Heavens! Join him as he embarks on a journey to get stronger, and on the way make new friends, encounter enemies, and explore the world in which Monsters, Beasts, and Humans Reside in! Extra info : Book length : 1000+ chapters Chapter Length : 2000-5000 words per chapter. Genres : Male/Female Lead (Gender bender), Harem, Supernatural, Eastern Fantasy, Reincarnation, R-18, System, Romance, Non-human females/Monster Girls, Ecchi, . . . . . . . . . . (If you have any suggestions/critiques make sure to tell me through the comments or a review! Reviews would be greatly appreciated!)

Lorenzo_Ben · Fantasy
Not enough ratings