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So... I Reincarnated as a Dungeon Core... In the Middle of the Ocean...

So... I Reincarnated as a Dungeon Core... In the Middle of the Ocean...

Bruce is a 16 year old sophomore in highschool who likes anime, manga, light novels, etc... He died in his sleep for an unknown reason after staying up to late reading. Afterwards however, he met god, who decided to reincarnate Bruce into another world. The world he reincarnated into wasn’t like his previous one. As the planet itself was a lot larger, magic exists, and massive monsters of incredible power seem to be around every corner, with Bruce being reincarnated as a dungeon core. A rare existence that creates magical dungeons filled with hordes of powerful monsters. The one question that Bruce has is... (Bruce) “Why was I reincarnated in the middle of the ocean!!!” [Hi, this is my first novel, and I’m only writing it for fun. The chapters will be written and posted whenever I want, so don’t expect a constant flow of chapters. Also, I didn’t think my novel would actually get a lot of views when I first wrote it. So I only had a filler synopsis written here, but I changed that due to the large amounts of reads. So, I hope you like my novel. I try my best to read the comments, and I’d also appreciate it if you’d leave a honest review of the novel. Also, if your curious about the novel or want to recommend any of your ideas to me. I’d recommend you join my discord server. The link to it is in the later chapters, so you’ll have to read a bit of my story before you can join the server. So go right ahead and start reading if the synopsis peaked your interest]

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