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Non-blood related siblings

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Emilia and the Lost Children of Hell

She vowed to be better mother than her own, but when a stalker takes things too far and her son is taken, Emilia nearly gave up on the dream of motherhood. However, two years later she meets a group of peculiar children: the oldest is constantly angry and avoids sunlight like the plague; the second one howls at night and behaves as if raised by animals; the third never speaks but smiles the most among them; the fourth giggles uncontrollably and is far too concerned with her looks; and the youngest, the sweetest child but has the unfortunate hobby to play with fire. Emilia cannot help it. She takes them in when they are threatened to be separated. It is an uphill battle for them all. And someone lurks in the dark, waiting for the perfect chance to strike.

Below_the_current · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Secret of the Sepulchre

This has been dropped cause I don't trust webnovel. If you're interested, it's on my Wattpad under the same name and basic description.

MurphtheLurph · LGBT+
Not enough ratings