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The Hopeless Late Bloomer

In her 29 years of existence, Aria Leialoha Venice, also known as Ari to her friends, doesn’t have a boyfriend since birth. She keeps on questioning her life why is everything falling apart when she’s been trying her best to be the best woman she can be. She had been ghosted, dumped, and had a lot of unrequited love which made her think that she’s going to be alone forever. What made her situation even worse was that she keeps on seeing her friends and batch mates living their lives while she’s on the other hand still figuring out what to do with her own. She is still a woman who can’t say no to others. She’s living her 29 years with a hopeless dream until this hot-mysterious millionaire Randall Zachary Cleevens came to her life. He indeed added spice to her boring-hopeless life and made her feel these emotions she didn’t feel before. Would Ari ready to risk her heart again? Would she ever be ready for this roller-coaster adventure that Randall has to offer? And lastly, would Ari be ready to change her status from NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH to HAPPILY COMMITED IN A RELATIONSHIP? Braced yourself to this heart-wrenching story that will make you cry and smile at the same time.

LooneyMoi · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings