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Surviving zombies one day at time

Jenny was a dreamer and book worm. Her normal life consisted of work in a normal store, had few friends and family that never cared about her. One day she had a bad dream and as things started happening just like in her dream, she realized that she just had to prepare. Or it will be a zombie apocalypse or she will just have more food than she needs and will just eat it with time. But it really happened. She is just a normal human that was in the mid worst zombie zone and was trying to survive it. But things changed after she realized her cravings for sweets were not normal... I am not a native English speaker so I probably WILL make many mistakes. I still hope you will help me out and support this imagination of mine. :) If you want, you can support me here: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=34498804

ZeljkaZZ ยท Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings