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Soulmate Markings

Soulmate Markings

Soulmate Au, Where almost everyone is born with a soulmate and a soul-mark, at first the mark is pure white but as the relationship between the soulmates change so does the mark. Bakugou is a boy who's traumatized by the loss of his dad and the pain it left his mother, he never wants to feel like that, ever. He decides he's better off without a soulmate, until a Bi-colored beauty walked into his life. Todoroki is a boy who's also been deeply traumatized and just wants to be loved, truly loved. Todoroki wants to find his soulmate, learning his parents weren't soulmates and witnessing the terrible relationship between his mother and father he decides he won't ever get married unless it's to his soulmate . What happens when the two collide? Can Todoroki open Bakugou's heart to love or will he end up being more alone then he already is? there will be other ships but todobaku is the main one

suga_shii ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings