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Guiding Light

When the Throne Of Paradise is without a Lord, it falls on the Four Guardian Concepts to find a Champion Worthy enough to sit upon it. _________________ [The first 10 chapters are essentially one long prologue. They are written to explain and outline the basics of the story. They are not fillers, nor are they pumped with action. They are there to introduce the main characters of the story. ------------------------------------------------------- I was getting sick of seeing so many evil/perverted stories so I really wanted to make something like this to make myself feel better. I enjoy a nice guy, so if you want evil, corrupted or anti-hero, this isn't your cup of tea. The MC won't kill easily, almost never. He will only take a life if there is literally no other option. Again, if this isn't your cup of tea, then do NOT read. I don't wanna see comments saying, "Why won't he kill?" "Just kill them!" This was your warning, the MC will not change his morals just because you're dissatisfied about his behavior. -------------------------------------------------------- If you've read my other work and followed me for a while, you know the drill by now. Say it with me... NO HAREM! -------------------------------------------------------- [Disclaimer] - I do not own the picture used as the cover for this Fan fiction. It was the most accurate picture I could find for what my MC looks like. I do not know who the creator is, but if they want me to take it down, contact me here through the review/comment section. Thank you! I do NOT own any of the material used in this Fan fiction, except the characters I created myself. All credit goes to the original authors, so please go support their work first. Have A Wonderful Day!

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