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The Protagonist Has Decided To Abandon Her Post

She had been put under the bloodied victorian blade in her previous life under the claims of her house having comitted felony. She was given a second life, having been reborn as a child with her previous life memories intact. She made a vow never to get involved with the upper class society. Never to step into the muddy waters of the royal palace, and never to get caught in the schemes of the innocent smiling noble women. But... -Flips table! - Fine, there's no scheming b*tches to speak of. The royal palace is a five hour carriage drive away from her house, and the bunnies were her lovely locals... Then where are all these pretty boys popping up from one after another?! Then there's this adorable carrot head who keeps calling herself a 'villianess', demanding her to act the proper protagonist and be a white lotus?! No! No! Please leave her alone, she only wants to stay home and play in the realms she had created for fun! Begon pretty boy and villianess, please play amongst yourself, I'm trying to making a deal with this stingy dragon! And that cranky tortoise where did it run off too with all my money?!

RealmSpirit ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings