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Deal with Chaos

Kayla Williams loves quiet, loves being unnoticed, loves reading books and hates Tomisin Adekunle. But when her best friend Nessa becomes quite close to him and she has to deal with him on a daily basis,she realizes that she just has to deal with it. But how do you deal with someone who constantly pushes you out of your comfort zones, who brings out attributes you never even knew you had, emotions you never even knew you could feel and puts you in the spotlight when all you wanted was the background. How can you deal with the fact that your life is upside down now that you have to Deal With Chaos.

Random_naija_girl · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Inhumans Book 1 of the Metahuman series

" There are three factions of people, one of the factions have been exterminated. We have the Metahumans: strong, aggressive, destructive and powerful. The Inhumans: they are weaker than the Metahumans but they are stronger than the ordinary. The ordinary: they are the average human, born with no abilities or magic. Go through this dystopian society in bukawa, to discover the trials and tribulation, threats, death sentences, love and betrayal, genocide and the cruelty of human nature.

Chioma_Ogbonna_8439 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings