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Subway Love

He began to press light kisses against my neck as my breast squished against his chest. I felt hot as a light pool of wetness filled my pants. What was wrong with me? Never had such a thing happened to me before but in this moment I was ready to explore it all. He lifted his other hand caressing my breast through the fabric of my shirt. Our lips grazed each others but he did not dare press it together. His heated gaze had me feeling a type of way, a soft moan escaped my lips causing him to smile gently. Aliyah Brown is just a shy girl attending her first year of college. Living in the big apple with her single mother and little brother she vowed to make something of herself. She dreamed of becoming a writer with her books displayed on bookshelves. She never expected to meet the Bangladesh student Aabir Chakmi. He was a dancer that at first glance was handsome in every way. What happens when he takes her hand and sweeps her off her feet on the 7th train platform? Love begins like no other.

Kiarajones117 ยท Contemporary Romance
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