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Haikyuu! : The Injured Seagull

°It's a first for me so the rythme and the grammar might be lacking so do not hesitate to correcte me° This story will not follow the original story and i will take my liberties when creating it, it like a new story in the same univers. *This story will not contain any gay/insect/McXMc relationship. I do not judge anyone, and you’re a all free(I hope for you) to pratice/read whatever desires you have, as do I have the right to write the one I have* Tenchi Susaku grew up with a professional volleyplayer dad and a loving mom, until one day his all world crumble, will he be able to surpace his terrible event and continue his dream ? How will his relations and his family, friends and love one will react to his life ?

Aluco_ · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings