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Off We Go

Seven teens find themselves trapped in a cell. The cell, it gives them freedom, it shows them how the world is like. They leave all of their lives in Los Angeles, leave for a nicer life in the middle of nowhere. They find themselves and figure out what they want and who they want. Their friendships all blossom and some find love. They feel the chase of the whole Beverly Hills police department, all of their families and the whole public. Everyone is trying to figure where they are. Other police forces in different states are on the look out. The borders are being controlled more heavily. Rumors are being spread: did they leave, were they kidnapped, are they dead. No one knew, other than the police department of Beverly Hills, who made sure no one knew the truth. They all feel and think about if they are happy now, should they go back and live with the riches and friends from Beverly Hills.

Itscayaz ยท Teen
Not enough ratings