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Everyone is in the same game; just different levels, dealing from the same hell; just different devils. Many lives, one story. Hanzo Ken, an extraordinary high schooler, the upcoming CEO of the world’s biggest company, with life looking all glitter..but what about the real side? Zeal, the glamour of the entertainment industry. Is the smile of the king of K-pop real? Is what visible to the eyes the truth? Can you love without feeling pain? Ambition or Love? A tech.. An idol. An unordinary girl. A healer. All together. Rain. Every scar has a story. Every person you know, has a person you don’t know. Every person you meet, is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Note: All the characters and place in the story are purely a string of imagination. The matching of names in real life would be coincidental. Several references have been taken from the internet. All rights have been reserved.

YPENT · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

See You in the 21st Century

===== “Will I ever be able to see her again?” the prince asked, looking at the dark wooden coffin in front of him. “You’ll see her soon.” The war ended, yet, it felt like he had not won. He lost someone he loves, that broke him in many ways. He won the war, but he lost his heart. But that’s not how their story will end. For it’s just the beginning. Will they be reincarnated in the same present? Will everything go well when they meet again in their present life? Or would it be another storm? *** Credits to the rightful owner of the artwork that I used for the book cover. If you ever know the owner, please let me know. Thank you!

emesklyde · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

From Light to Dark

"A virus spread and everyone got infected. People changed. They became more vicious, feral. More animalistic, like they lost touch of their humanity." "Everyone? " "Not everyone Sam. Some people were immune to the virus, and survived. But the people who were infected ran. They hid in the dark crevices in the world." "And mommy has to find them? " "No Sammy, mommy has to hunt them."

Rosie00003 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings