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Fantasy's Eden

A forced excursion to the bottom of the world could only end in one way. Disaster For Fantasy Oliovenko, a young and beautiful State Department Agent, life was swiftly becoming one emerging horror stacked upon another and yet to her own horror the last of her spiritual tests in an uncertain future was becoming more of a possessing passion than it was a pain to bare. He’d come from the forest to save her. He meant to mate her – own her – utterly possess her. Sometimes the hardest part of giving into the path that God has for one makes no sense at the moment of its emerging inception. For Fantasy the struggle to believe is as hard as her inability to surrender and yet life while it remains gives ample time for both. Time is ticking though, and the rapacious bite of monsters that take no prisoners are ever eager to take advantage of a fool’s demise.

Aedan_Sayla · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings