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Up and Down (Chapter 1)

Up and Down (Chapter 1)

When the beautiful, innocent and young Rio Davis decides to leave Boston to start a new life in Los Angeles, she doesn't expect to cross paths with a worldwide hollywood actor; Joshua Carter. Known for his undeniable beauty, his irresistible charm, his world-renowned movies, but also for his run-ins with the law, his numerous incarcerations and his multiple media scandals. When they meet, it is immediately war, the hatred they have for each other at first is as strong as their imminent attraction. But is Rio strong enough to face the ruthless world of Hollywood? Will she be able to face Joshua's screwed-up and tainted soul? Can a toxic relationship last forever? Isn't love sometimes a sign of unhappiness? -Darling this is Hollywood if I fuck underage girls or your mother. No one cares as long as it makes money. Joshua whispers these words close to my ear with his hand lightly caressing my leg. My mind screams at him to leave me but nothing comes out of my mouth.

Cremaulty · Teen
Not enough ratings