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Blue: Fallen Star

This is not some random story, this is the story of my life. Me, a complete average guy who's also kind of a spineless guy but face it everyone is spineless deep down. The question is whether or not you have gotten to the point where you became spineless. Haha but this same spineless guy is going to conquer everything. "Why are you British?" asked Hyla "I'm not British I just like the way they sound" replied Blue as he took a drag from his pipe usually other people would be driven near madness when they find out they have an alien in their body but I could barely stay strong What kind of Masochistic Alien System is this? This training method is insane "You want power? Then do it or you'll definitely die" A star came crashing down from outer space Creating ripple after ripple as it tried to destroy us and I have to save us all by using the same power from the Fallen Star Join Hyla as he embarks on a journey to survive and protect the world at large

Hila · Fantasy

Second Home

A caring Doctor named Cora is escaping a burning Earth with a handpicked colony of the worlds best. After smuggling an animal from a burning forest on Earth on the ship, she starts learning what family means again. However things don’t nearly go quite as planned on the journey to their new home planet, Artemis. Alas even more trouble awaits them there as well.

Kayde_Lynn · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings