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Heroes who are heroes, Are they invincible God or mortal soldier who risk there life’s to help normal people. For me they are desire of a normal person, they are hope for those in need, they are extension of light which vanquish the darkness for everyone, but why we desire to be superhuman is because we knew how weak we are. If a person knew his weakness then why they desire power is still a mystery I wish to unveil in the future. “ Huhhh, interesting human what kind of suicide note is this.” A man who looked bright as sun laughed as he looked at the letter while he put it down and extended his hand while patting a boy who was looking at the body of himself. “ Well I didn’t knew why I wrote this, but I knew these were words I wished to convey to a certain person.” Boy spoke as he look at the messed up books and room while sighing to say his last good bye to this room who had served him for years. “ Okay let’s go then.” Soon both figure vanished from the room and soon a police officer came inside picking up the note and examine the body of a boy whose neck was blue while foam were coming out of his mouth. “ Are you regretting it know.” God Leo asked as he looked at the boy for a response, “ no I am not, as for why because I never felt like living in that world.” Boy responded as he looked at the sky where he was flying toward. follow him to became a hero in a new world with a cheat like system.

Akash_Rathor_1836 · Teen
Not enough ratings