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How much can you take? How much are you willing to sacrifice to survive? Would you be able to take as much as Kyle Stanford? 17 years old, Kyle Stanford, is a lonely girl who lived her childhood life as a lab rat for 14 years of her life before being abandoned in the large house, leaving her responsible for everything she does and says. Going on her fourth year of living on her own, she believed though it was not perfect it was better than the last 14 years she had with her so-called family. But when the party's over, the mess should be cleaned; on her 18th birthday everything went rock bottom, and from there she nearly felt as if she was soon going to lose her mind. She would have lived those 14 years a hundred times than to face the challenge that lied ahead for her, but only looking back would have her held back in her nemesis grasp and no way to escape, so she moves on until her very last muscle can't move anymore.

Dragonflower97 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings