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Emperor Night (NTR)

Jonathan Night is an extraordinarily plain looking retail assistant. Beneath his ordinary exterior he harbors a secrete love for netorare, imagining his girlfriend having sex with another person. He sates his carnal desires with various computer games, too afraid to share his feelings with Margery, his overly traditional girlfriend. Johnathan’s degenerate fetish is about to get him into a whole new world of trouble when he gets an offer to "live without fear" via email. Warning: Extreme Themes, Rape, Netorase & Netorare, if you don't like those themes, this one isn't for you.

Arthur_Kord · Fantasy

I Get Selected For Godhood But I'm the God of Netorase!? [Hiatus]

Warning! R-18 with certain kinks some find distasteful. Cuckolding and Netorase are included so be warned The Universe Reshuffled itself and it was time to select new Gods to rule over various aspects of the universe. I get selected to be the God of Netorase .......... JACKPOT!!!!!

NamelessPersona · Fantasy
Not enough ratings