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Minecraft: Ander's Adventure

Ander was an enderman but when he first spawned he noticed that he was different from the other endermen. He was more human-like than what most endermen considers normal. He then meets Alex when she came to defeat the ender dragon freeing the enderman race. Let's follow Ander's Adventure around the world of minecraft

Chihiro_Kanzaki · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Entity 0

This is the story of how Herobrine lost his mind. This is the story of how Entity 0 came to be. This is the story of how a human girl fell in love with Herobrine's sister. This is minecraft! Evelyn suddenly finds herself inside her favourite game accompanied only with her younger and slightly annoying sister Mina. But when Mina starts developing odd powers, Evelyn is faced with the danger of their situation. Why can't Mina remember who she is anymore, who are the strange children with glowing eyes who seem to be following them? Herabrine, the younger sister of Herobrine, works to free Minecraft of all glitches, including a small band of children causing chaos in her father, Notch's game. But when she meets Evelyn she begins to feel a dangerous amount of connection to her. Having already been abandon once can she come to terms with these feelings she has so long shut out, and in turn disobey her mission? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Big thanks to Mossssss_art for the beautiful cover :D Go check them out on insta

MayaLilz · Video Games
Not enough ratings