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The Cleansing (Gods Choice Series)

The Stand-Alone Prequal to Gods Choice Series. Artimese, Daughter of the Virtue Charity, blessed with the power to heal knows nothing of who she is, and where she has come from. Raised in foster care her whole life, Artimese is unaware of the Cleansing to happen, and the danger she is in. Dalin, Son of the Sin Lust, blessed with the ability to pull on others desires, knows everything to come. His father plays a key role in his life, while his catholic mother abused him much of his life. Meeting each other was not in the cards nor the fates. A power beyond them brought Dalin and Artimese to each other during the Cleansing. Now they must survive together and brew a romance that will change earth, heaven and hell forever.

Chenoa_Butler · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

ForestLands Institution

ForestLands institution is a home for the supernatural. A place hidden from the human eyes where people with extraordinary abilities are taken to in order to learn how to control their abilities. Nadia's life takes an unexpected turn when an incident occurs one night and she finds herself in the institution, where she is told that she's one of them. Nadia is bound to make friends, foes and maybe even a love interest. But for sure, she's in for a roller coaster ride

ChasteEmpress · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings