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In the year of 2172, countries no longer exist. Sato is a sarcastic young hacker who runs into the honorable officer Abrom. They'll have to work together to achieve a common goal however opposite their intentions are. Tier-1 is a futuristic city ruled by one strict Leader, however, other forces share determinant power over the citizens. While the city leadership rules ruthlessly to maintain order and constant progress, an organization known as the Trinity controls the underworld in the shadows of the slums. The triangle of power is completed by the Mask. A secret movement for identity that aims to put down the oppressive leadership and restore the city's origins from centuries ago. Sato, an individualistic citizen of Tier-1, is a freelance hacker and photographer born and raised between the metropolis' skyscrapers. His burning disregard for authorities is tested after a random encounter with Officer Abrom, a noble woman member of the city Force.

byGabe ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings