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Surviving As A Holy Knight....................... Is Very Hard

I am the legendary prodigal Master-level Mage ………………….. It should have been like that if it weren’t for that abominable undying cockroach “cough” his holiness pope. I, who was supposed to pass my high-level mage test and become the century’s youngest Mage at the age of 15 was dragged (literally kidnapped in broad daylight) to become a knight, more precisely a Holy Knight of the church of the God of Light. I, who had negative talent to become a knight along with an inverse IQ when it came to swordsmanship and weapons was tortured ehm …………. trained to become a holy knight. And so I became the first Holy knight, more exactly one of the 12 cardinal knights of the church of the God of Light, who could not wield any weapons! (yup that's me). It doesn’t matter since my job was more or less like a financial administrator, I do paperwork, more paperwork and …………….even more paperwork along with the physically and psychologically exhausting job of being the mascot …………sorry messenger of the God of Light whom, I have never seen, while trying my best not to murder people and accidentally become a psychopath…. This is my life of how I survive as a Holy knight while dealing with giant lizards (that are called dragons for reasons I do not know), mentally ill people who kidnap scary banshees known as princesses, and more importantly dealing with 11 grown-up brats… At first, I wanted to live a legendary life, then I wanted to live a peaceful life and now… I just want to live so, please stop bothering me ah!!!……………….. God of light whom I have never seen, please save this pitiful soul!!!

shadow_sylvester · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

When nature calls the dead

The kingdom has fallen. Walking corpses are roaming the lands of Ramonia. Most civilization has been turned, but there are survivors who have adapted to new lifestyle. Amongst them is Ninori, a teenage elf girl who is about to stumble upon a group of strangers that will pull her in a dangerous quest and to discover the secrets of dead. I like wiring stories, but don't have much time so all the writing is first draft, however I try my best for it to be as good as possible. I'll try to post a chapter every week at the end of the weekend. This story is about heroism and leadership, fatherhood and friendship, but mostly about cool fights and epic magic.

Giantoak · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Magic Of Love

"I am your destiny" 4 words, 3 boys, 2 moons and a girl. In the infinite universe, a planet called Kosmos exists through time and space. The whole world is protected by different magic users, such as Apprentices, Enchanters or Enchantresses, Mentalists, Elementalists and the highest are Necromancers. Kosmos only has 3 countries; the biggest is called Xechoristos, the middle one is Me-per and Nobixi is the smallest country. Xechoristos has 4 parts; Unxe, Zeke, Peras and Xenos. Those who live in Unxe are the poorest of the poor. Zeke is a slightly poor place too, but those who lives in here has jobs in Peras. Peras, the place where the middle class is in. It's a decent place to live in because it has residential houses, parks, forests and friendly neighbors. And finally, Xenos. Everyone in this part are called "the richest people in the world". In Peras, a young maid named Yukina Xenos attempts to find her future. Follow her steps as she meets three boys who may be her destiny. Lucas - A Hidden Necromancer in the forest of Peras. His age is unknown but in appearance he looks like he's only 22 years old. Lucas is shy, kind and very charming. Akito - An Evil Necromancer. He claimed that he has recently been "observing" Yukina's life, which is definitely creepy. His age is 20 years old. He's mysterious because he always changes his attitude everyday he talks to her. Zaid De Luna - The son of the family Yukina is working for. He's 18 years old. He's grown very fond of Yukina. He helps Yukina with her work, even though he is forbidden to do that. He likes to break rules, he's follows Yukina's orders and he always makes dirty moves to her. R-15 Swearing

kaminari_girl · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings