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In the 21st century, a change occurred in the world. Countless amount of demons rushed in from the dark portal, embracing the entirety of the world and beginning the era of devastation. The demons had immense power, while some of them even had supernatural abilities that could destroy the whole city with one blow. Humankind was slowly but surely dying out but at the moment when it was thought to be the end of humanity, THEY appeared. People, with abilities that could rival those of the demons, stepped forth, - On the other hand, while those supernatural things have proceeded to occur for another 300 years, Kevin, a soldier of the U.S Army, has been killed and reincarnated into the future. In the new world, Kevin has thought that it would be impossible to live in peace, yet at the moment when he was about to fall into despair: [Activation of Necromancer System] . . . [Accept/Reject] ***** Chapter length - 1400+ Release - 7chaps/week unless I am sick or busy....school Note: No harem and very concise romance. ***** The cover isn't mine but didn't manage to find the owner. If it's yours and you want it away, contact me Zerga3#4004.

Zerga3 · Fantasy

Solo leveling crossover has been moved over to fanfic

Not enough ratings