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The Love I Have Hoped For

I am Jessica Myers. 30 years of age. I am an introverted type of person who spends most of her free time at home, watching Netflix. I don't usually go out and I don't have a lot of friends. Despite my age, I still keep a diary with me and every time I want to share something to someone, I write it on my diary. Everyone might think I am boring, but this is the life I am comfortable to live with. I was bullied as a student which makes me have a hard time trusting other people. Like other women, all I want is to be loved. I hope to meet someone who can make me feel special, who can make me feel that despite my characteristics and despite my flaws, I can still be loved. I am an ordinary woman who wants to be pursued by a guy, receiving flowers, going on dates in cinemas or simply walking in a park. My ideal man? I just want to meet someone who is nice and who can listen to all my stories no matter how simple and boring they are. I don't think I am a difficult person to deal with but why is no one liking me? I am an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). And because of that, I have low self confidence. I think I am not capable to love and to be loved. I hope someday, like in fairy tails, my pronce charming will come. I hope someone out there will see the beauty in me, maybe not physically but with my character. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my life now but I am sure I will be happier to be spending it with someone. Will someone come and rescue my lonely heart? Will I still get a happy ending like the characters in fairy tails? When can I experience the love I have hoped for?

alwayshopeful · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Night She Became His

Her peaceful (boring) life took an exciting (dangerous) turn when she found out she's the mate a next-in-line alpha. She was reluctant to surrender to "fate" but she's determined to prove that her love is in her own hands. But things aren't as simple as they seem..

AkiSalcedo · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings