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The Emperor’s Empress

The Emperor’s Empress

I've lived my life in a simple manner. I'm a noblewoman from France who lives every day in luxury. Most women find my life quite desirable, but I don't really see why. All I do is lounge around my family's mansion whether I'm reading, playing piano, or simply taking a stroll in the gardens. My parents keep urging me to find a husband and settle down. They keep dragging me to every social event they partake in. They don't realize I'm not interested. I'm attending another party, putting on a fake smile and pretending to be friendly. I'm unaware that this party is to celebrate our leader and his army's many victories. What I know even less is that he has an interest in me. I'm trapped between my parents' wishes and his obsession. I don't even know what my heart wants. The only way to escape is to choose which side I rather fight on. The most troubling decision I have ever made is this one and there's no going back. Can I ever escape my gilded cage or will I come to find it as protection from the outside world? Am I safer with him? Or should I have made a different choice that fateful day at that ridiculous party?

Scorpio_Queen7 · Historical Romance
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