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The Unknown Labyrinth: The Nanotechnology Mind Saga (Civili

The Unknown Labyrinth The Nanotechnology Mind Saga (Civilization Hackers) This is exciting ‘coming of age’ tale of a young woman in a strange unknown labyrinth that is hers home. For her to pursue her ambitions, in life, she finds out she will need to leave the safety of her family. The dramatic world around her starts to become reveled as she is involved in the scheme of others trying to use her for their own ends. She finds out that she has to start to rely on her bewildered abilities that are coming to life. Author's website https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B07LGBBBYD Following is an extract from the book As the razor-sharp knife I held passed through his scruffy clothing, I felt a slight resistance as it cut into some kind of armor. I guessed he thought that his armor could take my blow, but the expression on his face changed from one of glee to horror as the serrated blade cut open his skin. Twisting the knife, I ripped through his intestines, trying to damage them as much as I could. I quickly pulled my knife back as I danced around to face the next attacker, a woman of about my size. She had a club raised to bludgeon my head. I sidestepped in an easy move and ducked, seeing the club sail over my head. To the side of me the first man was falling as he grabbed his guts with blood spraying everywhere. When he fell down, two more equally unkempt people stepped forward. Before they could reach me, I thrust my other knife in an upper cut into the face of the woman with the club. I registered a flash of horror in her eyes as the edge of the knife cut a diagonal line across her face. I sighed as I knew that the damage would be superficial and not fatal, but thankfully she fell back from attacking me. From my right-hand side, I felt a sharp pain as something pierced my solar plexus and a man holding a club with a tangle of nails pulled back with my blood covering the nails. I didn’t have any more time to think about what was happening to me, as I felt another blow from another attacker. This time the blow was dead-center in my chest where the pouch hung. My mind turned blank as my thoughts were centered only on the massive amount of pain I was experiencing. This caused me to crumple to the ground, gasping for breath. With deep breaths I pulled in as much air as possible, but it was like breathing in a hot, humid greenhouse. Once on the ground, by some survival reflex I curled up into a small ball. I was gasping as my heart felt as if pure agony was emanating from it. My hand felt the sticky blood flowing out of the wound. Strangely enough, I vaguely wondered why my hands were now burning as if I had placed them in a fire. Then from all around me, I started to feel the kicks as the brutal, thuggish pack were determined to finish me off. I could hear the joyful cheers as people shouted out about what they wanted from my possessions as they kicked me. Suddenly, the burning that had first started in my hands seemed to ignite into an explosion of energy. I felt my chest flash with burning pain. Now instead of the pain of the pummeling from the pack’s rough boots, the more intense pain was the rapid burning that was spreading from my heart to the rest of my body. I felt as if the veins of my body were on fire with burning, acidic lava flowing through them. The burning heat extended outward as the rest of my body burned with intolerable pain. It was as if the flow of pain was radially extending from my heart being pumped around the rest of my body. While I was in a state of panic, my dominating thought was of the pain that was burning through my entire body. The only thought of relief was that I hoped I’d fall into the darkness of death or unconsciousness. I just expected my mind to shut down with the incredible pain. Then, suddenly, it felt as if the world slowed down.

Andrew_Bardsley · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

One Lucky Young Man

A little bit after the end of the world, a young man not even 20 years old lucks out on a find that other's would destroy the world for. The ruined world is a big place to find the one's he love's. He will search every nock and cranny to find his family. This is my second story ever. I learned a lot from the first one I made on a different site. The chapter's will have between 600 and 1200 word's.

easyread · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings