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Campaign: A Project Starfarer Sidestory

"What will you do with your freedom?" Was a question Jordan Astros was asked throughout his childhood. Even then, the irony wasn't lost on him. Their Jovian nation, their Galilean Powers, prided itself on having 'no laws.' Even armed conflict, Campaign, was sanctioned on Jupiter's many moons. Yet, everyone was subjected to having their lives analyzed by the point-based Merit system to determine their ranking. And thus, their standard of living. In an age of automation, symbiotic artificial-intelligences and cybernetics that continued to advance by the day, the system was deemed necessary by the twenty founders as a preemptive solution to the pestilence and blind hedonism seen in the inner-worlds. Galilean's would have to prove themselves, mold themselves into the best version of their being, before they could truly live free. Being the son of a founder; a child of the Astros Clan, made no difference to their society. Like everyone else, Jordan would have to build his Merit and rise through the ranks, if he were to truly be free. And the simplest way to get there, was to Campaign. After his 17th birthday, Jordan departs the Clan's habitat orbiting Europa, and embarks on his century-long rise from E-Ranker to S-Rank. Spread his status, from nobody to legend. Change his title from Astros, to Knight Slayer. *** This is hard sci-fi and takes place in a fictional version of our future solar system, with technology that's plausible in the near-centuries to come. Everything abides by the laws of physics/thermodynamics (As best that I understand them, at least) No artificial gravity, inertial dampeners, teleportation, FTL, or hand-wavy materials. Just advanced automation, nanotech, cybernetics and AI. All in the backdrop of space.

Liden_Snake ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings