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The Names that Bind Us

The Names that Bind Us

“The Names that Bind Us” is based on a dystopian fantasy world in which your destiny is decided for you the day you turn 18. Join the main characters as they enter the Tower of Ancients and are granted 3 things: The First Ancient: Grants every born child a permanent name once they are of age. This name is a crucial clue to that persons future or destiny. No two names in this world are the same. The Second Ancient: Grants each person a unique Relic, Blessing, or Curse. The Third Ancient: Enchants each person with the name of their fated partner or “soulmate” in the form of a magical tattoo that can only be seen by the person with the tattoo and the person with the ownership of that name. Follow the main characters in their struggle to face a corrupt evil ruler, a fearsome executioner, blessings, curses, and even battles of the heart. Thanks for choosing to take interest in my story! If you like leave a comment and a vote! I am also semi-open to taking suggestions based on readers opinions so feel free to comment on anything you’d love to see in this story. Though I do have a huge thick juicy plot in store for you guys!! Stay tuned! -Junai

Junaika · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings